Protect Your Home with Drainage Systems Investments

Is your home or building suffering from chronic water intrusion at the foundation walls? Do you have constant moisture on the Northside leaving the foundation and walls continuously wet?

If you are interested in protecting your home or building, please read this simple guide to using french drains.

Believe me, as a licensed General Contractor for 38 years, I have never seen a client or customer happy about water damage, especially when they find out it was preventable if they had installed a relatively inexpensive drain or “french” drain system. drainage systems

Stop damage before it starts.
Keep your foundation dry.
Keep moisture out of your walls.
Prevent Water Damage.
Prevent Molding.
Prevent Dry-Rot.
Prevent Musty odors.
Deter Rodent, Pest intrusion.

Three Things to Consider When Building Drainage Systems

First, let’s begin with the simple understanding that gravity is undefeated and water moves from high areas to low areas by simple physics. This law of gravity is fundamental to building all drainage systems and understanding where, when and what type of drain system to use to evacuate excess stormwater. Of course, there may be situations where you may have to use a motorized pump if your home, basement or buildings are merely set to low in the surrounding topography. For this short blog let’s work primarily without the systems that will need pumps.

Second, soils types have a significant role. It’s essential to know what kind of soil you are dealing with but let’s concentrate on soil fundamentals to make your best choices.

Thirdly, understanding that the North side of whatever you are protecting will remain shaded and more than likely have very little sunlight. The Northside means very low evaporation and drying-out time. For the average person, unless you were a Boy Scout, you might have never been introduced to this concept.

Drainage Systems Protect Your Assets and Family

drainage-clogged pipes-water drainDetermine what type of drain systems or combinations of drainage systems you may need. Use French drains when you have high water tables and or combinations of clay soils, poor percolating and underground water. These systems when designed and built correctly will provide adequate protection and may save you tens of thousands of dollars. Protect your family against mold and nasty pest invasions that come along with prolonged moisture. The idea here is don’t be cheap when it comes to protecting your home or building. Chronic water, dampness or moisture against concrete foundations is rarely a good thing. Nobody will likely want to spend money on something he or she can never see like a drainage system that’s buried deep in the ground unless he or she have had to pay a contractor to repair water damage that was avoidable.

So be smart about this. I cannot emphasize this enough, protecting your home, buildings, and keeping your family safe is what I’m talking about. In many cases, you may be able to use a drain system that is a solid pipe with “catch basins” or drain grated inlets placed in low graded areas to collect and remove storm waters. This type of drainage system is sometimes referenced as an “area drain” system. Remember to size your pipe appropriately. To size your pipe correctly there are few websites out on the Internet that can help you determine what size of pipe to use for your location and the size of an area that needs drainage. Ultimately sizing the drain pipe correctly ensures that the drain system will perform adequately based on your geographic location and historical rainfall data, see (Manning’s Equation).

Drainage systems that are not correctly designed, use inferior materials, or are rarely ever maintained will fail at the critical moments when you need them protect your home, family, and investment. Remember you are investing in a system to protect against damage. When done correctly, a quality drain system will provide a high safety net for both the investment and your loved ones.

Drainage Systems Expertise

I have been in the landscaping business for almost my entire life and consider drainage and drainage systems to be the foundation of all landscape and site development. In my experience up to 80% of the homes and properties I see have poor functioning drainage in general, and ridiculously high amount of homes have drainage systems that are not working at all. It’s a real shame to know all the effort that has been wasted on something that will underperform and need expensive repairs, replacement and or professional root cleaning, most of which, are avoidable.

Please use this information to your advantage if you choose to be a DIY’er, or if you are hiring someone, please use it as a conformance guide for your contractor. I have developed and patented (2) very useful Drainage system protection devices that PREVENT RATS and animals from entering Drain pipes through open-ended discharge points. You can find them on these websites…

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