gutters-drainage-water-drain guards-freeflowproductsWhile lakeside property may be a tranquil retreat for some to enjoy it isn’t a plus when it is created by poor drainage from a clogged gutter overflowing! To keep your house from looking like Noah’s ark, here are a few tips so you or your house doesn’t float away in a rain deluge.

Clogged gutters can backup and spill over the top falling down to the base of your house’s foundation. This creates a multitude of issues such as basement water leaks and seepage. On top of this, foundations and footings weaken, becoming unstable and cracks emerge creating an opening for termites and other unwanted pests. The spillover will also cause water damage on wood fascia. As the water moves downward, it can cause unwanted slippery surfaces on walkways and driveways where traffic is heavy. Falls can occur where there isn’t a proper drainage solution. In addition to that, when the water finally hits a hard surface and travels to the ground, it can erode the soil and wash away the plantings around your foundation or drown the plants.

Prevention is the best solution instead of waiting until there is a problem and not noticing it for months. An annual or biannual walk around your home or office to observe the gutter system will prevent unwanted maintenance and save time and money later. To inspect, wait until a rainy day to observe your gutters in action. Head out with your rubber boots on and some binoculars to get a closer look at the gutters.
• Observe how the water is flowing and if there is any spill over anywhere.
• Are the downspouts flowing fast and removing the water efficiently?
• Are there any gutters or downspouts that are detached or sagging?
• Are the spouts extended at least 10 feet away from the walkways and plantings and routed properly into a drainage source?
• Is the gutters capacity sufficient or is there a need for more downspouts?
• Are there any leaks in the gutter system that will need to be patched?
• Check the drainage openings to ensure they are clear.
• Clean out gutters at least once a year and apply gutters covers to prevent buildup of leaves, debris and clogging.

Making these observations at least once a year can keep your home dry and free of maintenance issues in the future. And while lakeside property might be a nice feature to have, make sure it’s not created from the gutters!

To ensure a continuous flow of water and stop debris and vermin from entering the pipes, try our Drain Guards . This will keep your home safe and free of unwanted pests.