If your looking to keep your Home investment safe from outside storm flooding and water damage, a quality DRAINAGE SYSTEM will do the job! Good design, good quality materials and a reasonable quality installation, with some very simple maintenance will provide years of protection from…. Storm water intrusion and all its nasty friends, Mold, Dry rot, Musty odors, Infestations of Rats and other furry pests, Expensive Repairs. These things can make Home or Building uninhabitable and destroy the monetary value.

As a California licensed Landscaper for 38 years I can tell you these simple contractor trade secrets to design and Install your own Drainage System that will provide years of protection against unwanted, unnecessary floods. Only a fool would leave His or Her most valuable asset vulnerable and unguarded !

Rules :

  1. Gravity is Undefeated. The simple idea here is for you to understand the most important principle in all Drain work. Water moves from high point to low point by the force of physics we know as gravity. No you need not be an Einstein to understand this! Wether your planning to use a Drainage System to protect a Building, Home, or move storm water from a low lying area, the same laws of physics apply. Drainage Inlets must be set below the elevation your intending to protect and all your pipe work will need to flow down hill from high point (intake) to lowest point (discharge). Drainage Systems that have good slope angle evacuate unwanted water faster and offer better protection from severe storm water events. See Manning’s Equation. Drainage systems can be a simple as an open ditch, for these rules we are mainly referring to piped drainage systems
  2. Don’t Cheat yourself. Main idea here is if you want adequate protection you will have to maintain some amounts of discipline in 3 main categories.
    Reasonable quality of Design, Materials & Installation, and Maintainence. If you lower your standards in any one of these categories it will effect the other two, it’s that simple. Think about it, higher quality materials and installation with a poor design will downgrade the Drainage system performance and more than likely will cause a failure, despite the added expense. Same is true if you have a great design and decide to use the cheapest materials, the outcome will be the same and you can surely expect, a system failure, shorter system life span, or likely both. Very important to remember the third and often forgotten category, maintenance. Yes of course, you will need some type of maintenance performed. Very obviously the better built and better designed systems will require the least amount of maintenance, however they still will need some TLC.
  3. Do it right (1) ONE TIME…. Yes this could easily be rule zero, of course beyond protecting your investment and keeping your family safe which are the obvious main goals. You really want to be smart about protecting your time and money invested building and installing your own drainage system. Taking a shortcut here or there may not cost you but please take EXTREME CAUTION you really don’t want any shortcut that ends up reducing the quality of the end product. Safety and protection of your invested time and investment are key to your decision making.
  4. This is hard work. Don’t kid yourself, don’t be sold on any gimmicks, there is no way around it. Digging in the dirt is not really all that easy, that’s not to say you might not have fun or enjoy it, in fact maybe it’s a change of pace for you. Just remember this can be a real hardworking chore so get help if you need it, use available tools and equipment wherever and whenever possible.
    There are motorized trenchers and excavation equipment of all types and sizes for doing the bigger areas and really deep long trenches!
  5. Don’t fake it. If your not sure about something like, how to do it, why it should be done a certain way or you just don’t know. Ask a pro… there are many ways to get information but the main point here is. You really want a Drainage system to last as many years and as trouble free as possible. So get a qualified answer when you need it!
  6. Don’t be cheap it will cost you. Now of course you are more than likely doing this yourself to save the expense of hiring a contractor and wanting to save yourself some money where you can, I’m a big fan of that. Please remember RULE 2, . Drainage products come in many price ranges with the primary goal to move storm water from one area and deliver it to another area while usually protecting something in between. A word of warning using the lower cost products will seem to save you money for the short term, they will not last indefinitely and may have other issues that will shorten your Drain systems life span. So please use some extra smarts when planning and purchasing your parts, as well when choosing the type of components, and pipe as they all have certain benefits, pros and cons. Making a great lasting system depends on you and these significant choices, choose wisely!
  7. Properly compact all your trenches. I know it says 6 Trade rules, but this is way to important to miss. All your trenches will need to be compacted to same bulk density as the existing site conditions. Do this properly and will avoid settling trenches during storms as well it protects your pipes from being exposed by erosion. Compaction of soils is a science, it really takes a careful eye and some basic knowledge of soils science so like RULE 5 says don’t fake it.

General Notes,

I have been in the landscaping business for most my entire life and consider drainage and drainage systems to be the foundation of all Landscape and site development. In my experience up to 80 % of the Homes and properties I see have poor functioning drainage in general and ridiculously high amount of Homes have drainage systems that are not working at all. It’s a real shame to know all the effort that has been wasted on something that will underperform and need expensive repairs replacement or professional root cleansing, most of which, are avoidable. Please use this information to your advantage if you choose to be a DIYer, or if you are hiring someone please use it a conformance guide for your contractor.

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