Drainage ProblemsAs the saying goes – when it rains, it pours – and when it pours, basements and houses sometimes flood. Over 50% of homeowners experience some type of drainage problem at some point in time. Rainfall, and especially a heavy rain, is the catalyst that sets drainage problems in motion.

In order to prevent flooding and an accumulation of water where it’s not wanted, it’s vital to take steps to ensure proper drainage. Here are the top 3 tips to achieve better home drainage and prevent any flooding during the next big rainstorm.

  1. Check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they are not clogged. This may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget the simplest and most obvious potential issues. Make sure the gutters are installed properly and that they drain water away from the foundation of the home.
  1. Make sure that your yard slopes away from your home. If you find that there is a depression somewhere in the yard causing water to pool, especially near the foundation, this needs to be remedied to avoid any flooding in the future. Make sure to create a consistent slope away from the home; all water should drain to a spot that is lower than the house.
  1. Install drain tile pipes in the ground. These pipes will gather water when it rains, and carry it away from the home. The water should be discharged near a sewer or retention pond. It’s best to sketch out a plan first that works to carry water away from your home’s foundation. Once you have a sketch to follow, dig a trench about a foot deep, put down an inch of gravel, and then place the drainpipe in the trench. Cover it with more gravel, and then dirt or sod. Covering the pipe with gravel is important – it prevents any holes from clogging.

Water and drainage problems are frustrating and potentially costly. However, they are not unsolvable – fixing them before any real damage occurs is relatively cheap.

Another important step to take when working on your drainage system is to install a curb drain grate. This inexpensive and easy to install device protects against rodents, rats, and mice entering your home through drainage pipes. Avoid flooding problems with these three steps, and prevent rodents from getting into your home with a curb drain gate.